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Student Veterans

The University of Florida has been designated a 2017 Military Friendly School by Victory Media, the leader in successfully connecting the military and civilian worlds.

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Student veterans and their partners or family members may face unique challenges, from living with injuries or combat memories to transitioning from military culture to civilian life. In the military, you may have been told exactly what to do, when to do it, and where to do it, but as a student, you may receive little direction from professors or administrators. Counseling can provide a safe and confidential opportunity for student veterans to explore their thoughts and feelings about their military service or about the transition to student/civilian life.* Examples of some issues that student veterans may face for which counseling can be helpful include sleeping problems, relationship issues, alcohol or drug use, feeling sad, feeling stressed or nervous, hypervigilance, anger, challenges transitioning to your new role as a student, having difficulty relating to others, and career confusion.

UF Collegiate Veterans Success Center

Although confidentiality may have been a concern with receiving psychological/counseling services while an active member of the military, such concerns may no longer be relevant in your current role as a University of Florida student. Still, our counselors are very willing to discuss any concerns about confidentiality in order to assist you in deciding whether or not you are interested in receiving services. At the University of Florida Counseling and Wellness Center, you can expect your counselor to be affirming and accepting, listen to your concerns, provide you with confidential care, and assist you in connecting to other resources.

The University of Florida is proud to count approximately 800 plus veterans among our undergraduate and graduate students. Many staff at the University of Florida are working hard to make the University of Florida the most veteran friendly and effective campus in America. Please remember that the Collegiate Veterans Success Center, VetSuccess On Campus Counselor, Office of Veterans Services, and Collegiate Veterans Society are four key resources that provide a base for support and information for all of our student veterans. Thank you for serving our country!

* Information adapted (with grateful permission) from the website of The University of Utah Counseling Center.

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