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Making Peace with Food

Making Peace with Food

Eating Disorders

So you hate your body...some days more than others...but you mostly want to be thinner everyday of your life. You walk across campus and all you see are the "skinny girls" and you feel fatter and fatter as you walk to class. You vow to not eat anything but salad all day. But at night you are starving and you lose it and you eat all your roommate's food. This is just one variation of body image dissatisfaction.
It can create havoc in the form of a severe eating disorder, yo-yo dieting, isolation, loneliness, depression and anxiety. 

All of these behaviors thoughts and feelings are fueled by silence, denial and shame. One way to begin to end this painful vicious cycle is to attend a group. Group allows you to get real and get real help, support and encouragement from trained professionals AND students just like YOU.

Counseling and Wellness Center
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Gainesville, FL 32611-2662
Phone: (352) 392-1575
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