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Relationship Concerns

Relationship Concerns

Relationships matter. Both the quantity and quality of our relationships determine our wellness and directly and indirectly impact our health. Research shows that relationships affect our mental health, health behaviors, physical health, and even our healing rate and mortality risk. The salience of which relationship matters the most changes over years. For college students peers and romantic partners hold the most significance. Family relationships, while losing some of its salience during early adulthood, continue to matter as well. Hence, if you are to experience any loneliness and/or if you are having relational conflict(s), your overall well-being and health is in danger. We human beings are ready to flourish when our connection with others is good and yet the cost of disconnection can be pricey. For that, we invite you to take time and invest on your relationships and take time to build skills.

Many times we judge ourselves and we feel crushed by loss of a relationship or overwhelmed by a relational conflict. We say, "I know I should not worry about this. Instead, I should focus on school." Or "I should never let someone hold such a power over me." Well, the truth is it is very normal for us to lose our balance or focus on school when our relationships suffer. So if possible, let go of any judgments you have, understand and accept that relationships matter a lot, and work on how you can heal your emotional wounds and improve your relationships.

Please explore the relationship topics we highlighted on our sidebar and reach out to CWC for a consultation.

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