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Parenting a College Student

As your student leaves home to attend to UF, both your student and you go through a significant transitioning period. You may feel unclear about what your student’s life looks like now or how to continue your role now that they are away from you. The following websites have valuable information for you to understand what expects your student at college and how you can continue to be an integral part of his or her life as they go through college.

How is College Different than High School?

The difference between high school as a teaching environment and college as a learning environment.

The College Years: A Parent's Survival Guide

Stay Involved in Your College Student's Life While Fostering Independence and Success Skills.

College Tips for Parents

Insights and ideas about important topics that parents of college students should be aware of.

8 Simple Rules for Parents to Stay Connected

Eight helpful tips from a recent graduate on what to do (and not do) when your student goes away to college.

College Parent Central

Information, and food for thought, about college and about specific aspects of parenting a college student.

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