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Group Therapy Guidelines

What is said in group stays in group

Group members and leader(s) commit to keeping everything discussed in group private. While confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, group members agree to never reveal information about any group members. This includes identifying information, stories and reactions in group, especially on forums such as Facebook or Twitter.

Weekly attendance is expected

It is important that you are able to attend every session, come on time, and stay the entire length of the group. The group process becomes interrupted when there is irregular attendance, or when people are coming late or leaving early. All group members are fellow students (and are also very busy!), so we ask you to schedule your time so that even during busy weeks of the semester (e.g. midterms) you are committed to attend group.When you commit to joining a group, your spot is reserved for the entire semester. The group recognizes and misses each other when someone is not present.

Group members are not to socialize outside of group

Group members are asked to keep their interactions within the group setting. This helps to make group as therapeutic an environment as possible. Group therapy is a treatment setting, and not a social activity.When members have out of group contact they often find that their special relationship may interfere with their ability to utilize group in the way that may be most helpful for them.If you happen to have an extended interaction with a member outside of group, both members are asked to inform the group at the next session.

Putting Feelings into Words Not Actions

Strong emotions often arise in group therapy. Members are asked to express themselves with their words rather than through physical actions (e.g. hug).

Group leaders facilitate the group interaction. Group members offer their experience and support other group members

The role of the group leader(s) includes using their training to facilitate therapeutic experiences in the group setting. This may include sharing observations, providing feedback and support, creating a safe atmosphere, discussing group dynamics, and finding a balance so all members have the time to participate.Members are asked to commit to actively participating, informing the leaders (and group) if something comes up for you that requires additional attention, remembering and working on your group goals each sessions, and following the guidelines above.

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