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Frequently Asked Questions

What are life skills workshops?

Meet with a trained therapist and a variable number of students for an educational discussion that focuses on gaining information and skill building. Future attendance is not required.

How do I join a life skills workshop?

All workshops, with the exception of the Emotional Fitness workshop, are open to all UF students and do not require you to sign up in advance or to be a client at the CWC. To attend the Emotional Fitness workshop, contact us to schedule a 20-minute triage appointment. Your triage counselor, or existing individual counselor or psychiatrist, will then directly refer you to this workshop if it is believed to be an appropriate referral for you.

What is group counseling?

A widely used form of therapy where students meet with 1-2 trained therapists. Groups focused on skill building include up to 11 members and involve practicing together in a supportive environment. Groups focused on discussion include up to 9 members and provide the opportunity to give and receive support and feedback, and examine patterns interfering with personal growth.

Who benefits from group therapy?

Group is the treatment of choice for relationship concerns, social skills, eating disorders, anxiety and life adjustments. Group is also helpful for other problems, such as depression, grief, substance use, and increasing self understanding.

Why choose group therapy?

Over 50 years of research shows that group is a standard and effective treatment option, with outcomes equivalent and sometimes more effective than individual therapy.UF students report having positive experiences with group therapy at the CWC. Check out what they have said.

What about Confidentiality?

Confidentiality is mandatory for all group participants. You commit to upholding confidentiality by not discussing any group members and their experiences outside of the group. Everything that happens in group stays in group.

How do I join a group?

Schedule a triage appointment with the front desk. Your triage counselor, or existing individual counselor or psychiatrist, will then refer you for a group screening appointment with the group leader to determine if the group is a good fit.


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