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ASPIRE - Welcome to the ASPIRE homepage!


The ASPIRE program was originally created as an enrichment program targeting the needs of African/Black American students in support of achieving academic success. The program was developed in response to a call by the Vice President of Student Affairs to offer proactive programming to counter the adverse effects of the One Florida initiative. Former Counseling Center director, Dr. Jaquie Resnick, along with other clinical faculty, wrote a grant proposal to address how the Counseling Center might meet this need, and ASPIRE was the result. During the 2005-2006 academic year, the ASPIRE program was expanded to address the needs of Hispanic/Latino(a) American students and later the First Generation student population. To date, the ASPIRE program provides outreach and seeks to build strong collaborative relationships.

We are providing consultation services and will serve as a liaison to student groups, departments, faculty and staff.

Brandy Pritchett-JohnsonI am a CWC staff member and the coordinator for ASPIRE, a movement to support the retention and time-to-degree of African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, and First Generation Students The CWC is devoted to making sure your UF experience is one where you feel welcome, heard, and supported as you strive to achieve and maintain academic success.

I know there are times when academic success is easier said than done. You may have endured the death of a loved one, an old trauma has resurfaced, or maybe you simply feel like an outcast on campus. Sometimes students are torn between personal home stressors and the demands of school. Perhaps the pressure is high to do well and you find yourself feeling unprepared with little confidence and nowhere safe to turn for support. On the other hand, you could be doing well and find that other people expect less of you. You may find that you feel you have to prove your intellect. Administrators, faculty, and staff may be feeling overwhelmed and uncertain how to support you.

I encourage you to look over our webpage and discover the many ways we can build a strong and positive relationship. If you don’t find any of our services appealing on this page, let me know that too. Perhaps you have discovered something I have not and we can fill in the gaps together. Feel free to send me an email or give me a call to voice your concerns, seek support, or begin planning for the next event whether large or small!

— Brandi L. Pritchett-Johnson, Ph.D.


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