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Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Services

Counseling and Wellness Center provides options for students interested in developing an understanding of the impact of substance use on their lives and the lives of those around them.  In addition to individual counseling and specific evaluation services for substance abuse, students can benefit from the following services to explore and potentially change their current substance use patterns and/or gain assistance with maintaining their recovery from addiction.

CWC Resources

  • Success Not Excess 

    Discuss your use of alcohol and other drugs in a non-judgmental setting. Develop an understanding of drugs of abuse and potential effects, identify warning signs for developing an addiction, and clarify values. For current group times and location information see our groups listing page.

  • Recovery Support Group

    This group offers a place to share with others how to maintain recovery in college life where there are many potential obstacles and relapse triggers.  Stress reduction and relapse prevention strategies will be emphasized and members will have an opportunity to learn from the experience, strength and hope of others.  All persons in recovery from addictions are welcome. For current group times and location information see our groups listing page.

  • Collegiate Recovery Community

    The Collegiate Recovery Community at the University of Florida fosters growth and health in students who are recovering or wish to recover from addictive disorders so that they can successfully realize academic, personal, and professional goals to better their quality of life and become functioning, productive members of society. AA is not affiliated with the Counseling and Wellness Center. The Center provides space for the AA meetings. For current group times and location information see our workshops listing page.

  • Get together, Recovery Night!

    Weekly informal get together of recovering students.  Have fun in recovery and increase your network of recovery support. For current group times and location information see our workshops listing page.

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Services Offered in Collaboration of Campus Units

  • Alcohol and the Law

    Approximately 2 hour seminar put on by UPD that goes over basics of alcohol and drug use and legal responsibilities and repercussions Includes discussion of prescription drug use as well.  Also discusses social and other consequences besides just legal consequences.

  • Medical Amnesty

    One hour program designed to educate regarding their behavior and how their choices were impacted by substance abuse.  The Medical Amnesty program at UF is explained and they are assured they are not “in trouble”.  In this 60 minute appointment the student is given an AUDIT assessment to measure the likelihood that they could need help with their substance abuse, and then their individual drinking/using habits are reviewed with the counselor.

  • Substance Abuse Seminar

    This 90 minute seminar is designed to provide support for more adaptive decision making related to substance use and to educate on services available to students if they continue to have substance related problems.  CWC offers this program two to three times a semester to 12 students who have had conduct referrals due to alcohol/drug use. This group provides students a forum in which they describe the incident for which they were referred and to receive feedback from counselors and peers regarding their choices.

  • SASIP Program

    The Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC) at the University of Florida offers the Substance Abuse Screening and Intervention Program, which is a form of education consultation for students who have been mandated by the Department of Housing, Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, or the University Athletic Association. These educational consultations provide students with the opportunity to speak with a mental health clinician trained in substance abuse counseling in order to explore the student’s current and past substance abuse patterns, family history of substance abuse problems, and other factors that may affect the student’s risk of developing a substance use disorder. Every student referred to SASIP will meet with a mental health clinician twice and will receive treatment recommendations during the process.  One component of SASIP involves administration of the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI), a computer-based assessment tool that provides feedback about the student’s risk for having or developing a substance use disorder. The SASSI is a widely used and highly respected instrument in the substance abuse counseling field and has been shown to be highly accurate through empirical research. Administration of the SASSI and feedback to the student are important components of the educational consultation to provide an unbiased assessment of the student’s risk for having or developing a substance use disorder.

  • Back on TRAC (BOT)

    The BOT program is for students facing potential separation from the university due to alcohol/other drug use.  The program emphasizes accountability and personal responsibility while providing on-campus treatment resources, case management, peer-group support and individually tailored treatment plans.  This program is based on the community drug-court model combined with the best practices of Student Affairs and Higher Education.  The program is a minimum of four months and utilizes three phases to focus on specifics competencies.  Students are responsible for payment for random urine drug screen testing which is managed through an outside agency.

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