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Trauma and Loss

trauma and loss

There is much to experiencing life. Certainly there are the wonderful moments of celebrations and transitions, such as birthdays, graduation, special relationships and visiting new places or enjoying the old and familiar. Life can also bring welcome challenges, like acquiring new knowledge or practicing newly learned skills.

Being alive also means we experience things that are less pleasant, even painful at times. Thus, every person encounters the loss of someone important such as a family member, close friend, romantic partner, important relationships, or a beloved pet. Some persons also live through other forms of loss that are byproducts of emotional and physical violence, or natural or human made disaster.

While the nature of the above events may vary, all have in common a sense of loss; perhaps loss of control, hope, physical health, social well-being, identity or emotional safety and security. The resources provided on this site provide information on how to assist ourselves and others in living with and through such losses. They are guideposts to help us find ways to feel alive and open to the possibility of hope and celebration again.

The presence of others in our celebrations enriches these experiences. Similarly, the presence of others during moments of strife, suffering and grief is very important. Their presence reminds us of how important we are and the value of being alive. If you or a person you know is suffering and might benefit from talking with a counselor, encourage them to utilize the campus and community resources listed below. Additional links to information on living with grief and surviving the effects of trauma are provided.


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