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  • Training Activities

    Intern Seminar: 1.5 Hours per week
    Training seminars are an integral part of the training program.  The format is both didactic and discussion/process oriented in nature.  A wide variety of topics are covered that pertain to major areas of knowledge needed to be a competent clinician.  Diversity is infused in all presentations.  Particular diversity seminars are also highlighted throughout the year.  

    Topics may include, but are not limited to:

        • Intake Interviewing
        • Lethality Assessment
        • Group Therapy
        • Trauma
        • Crisis Intervention
        • Diversity Seminar: Working with LGBTQ Clients
        • Diversity Seminar: Working with International Students
        • Assessment
        • Eating Disorders
        • Job Search
        • Substance Abuse
        • Addictions
        • Career
        • Couples Therapy
        • Diversity Seminar: Oppression and Privilege
        • Diversity Seminar: Spirituality in Counseling
        • Diversity Seminar: Working with Students with Disabilities
        • Recovering from Mental Illness
        • Diversity Seminar: Non-Eurocentric Approaches to Counseling

    Group Supervision: 2.0 Hours per week

    In this meeting, all of the interns get together with a licensed psychologist and discuss cases, make case presentations, and review videos of clinical work. This is essentially group supervision of your individual and couples therapy. It is also an environment to explore and develop an awareness of self as it informs interns’ work professionally.  Great effort is made to make this a trusting environment so that you can explore new and creative avenues in your clinical work.

    Individual Clinical Supervision: 2.0 Hours per week

    As an intern, you will receive two hours per week of individual supervision all year long. This supervision will focus most intensely on your clinical work with individuals and couples. In addition, it will focus on your overall training experience, your work in consultation and outreach, and your supervision of practicum trainees. The majority of time in individual supervision will focus on discussing cases and helping you continue to develop your clinical skills. Videos, live observation, co-therapy, and other supervision methods are also used during this time. Interns switch senior staff supervisors after the Fall semester, therefore having the opportunity to experience two different supervisors over the course of the year.

    Consultation Seminar: 1.5 Hours every other week

    The Center is committed to providing consultation services to the campus community and the interns play an integral role in this service. In Consultation seminar they learn about the various aspects of consultation and about the process of consultation. Interns choose to be involved in consultation training at one of three levels, depending on their level of interest: Level One - intern attends consultation seminar and shadows a senior staff member on one consultation experience; Level Two - intern attends consultation seminar and works as an apprentice to a senior staff member on a consultation project; Level Three - intern attends consultation seminar and does a full-scale consultation project on their own. Intern contracts reflect the differing number of hours at the different levels of training.

    Group Supervision of Supervision: 1.0 Hours per week

    During the spring semester, interns supervise practicum and advanced practicum students in the UF Counseling Psychology Program and the Counselor Education Master’s Program. This seminar provides group supervision for this work.  The option sometimes exists to also supervise in the summer semester.

    About Us

    The staff of the CWC includes licensed psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, clinical social workers, psychiatrists, psychiatric fellows, psychiatric nurse practitioners, postdoctoral associates, psychology interns, counselor education  interns, and practicum counselors. All of our staff are generalists and see students presenting with a variety of issues. 

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