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Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One

SupportExperiencing the suicide of a loved one is devastating. Others who have survived this loss acknowledge they will never be the same. The immediate, overwhelming intensity of emotion may feel impossible to endure. You may be flooded with successive waves of grief, confusion, guilt, shock, anger, shame or other emotions. Yet survival is possible. And real, substantial healing is possible.

Many forms of support are available to help survivors through this complicated grieving process. Some choose individual therapy--which might begin at the Counseling and Wellness Center. Some choose to meet with other survivors, who can share unique aspects of their loss and the healing process. Locally, the Alachua County Crisis Center offers a Survivors of Suicide support group. If you are outside our area, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention offers a national listing of survivor support groups.

There are also a number of excellent written resources available online. The Alachua County Crisis Center offers a number of helpful resources including a guide for newly bereaved suicide survivors on their dedicated survivors’ webpage. The American Association of Suicidology offers a comprehensive Survivors of Suicide handbook.

It is not uncommon for survivors of suicide to consider suicide, themselves, in moments when they feel they cannot endure the pain. But this does not mean you have to die. If YOU are thinking of suicide, we hope you will seek whatever help you need to keep living--and to heal. A listing of resources for immediate help is available here.

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