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Welcome to SHCC Psychiatry at the CWC

Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to the treatment of mental, emotional or behavioral conditions.  Psychiatry services at the CWC include psychiatric evaluations, comprehensive treatment planning, coordination of care with other professionals and medication management. Please see below for more information regarding appointments, cost, and frequently asked questions.

How do I get an appointment with a psychiatry provider?

Call 392-1575 to set up an appointment with a triage counselor. This counselor will meet with you and make a recommendation as to whether you will see a psychiatry provider at the CWC, or be referred to a provider in the community. Students whose needs fall beyond the scope of the CWC will be referred. A case manager will help with the referral if needed.

Already a patient with SHCC Psychiatry at CWC?

To schedule a follow up appointment with your psychiatry provider please call 352-273-3390. 

Is there anything I should do prior to my appointment with the psychiatry provider?

You should have prior psychiatry records sent to the psychiatry provider you are assigned to see. You can fill out a release of information form at the CWC and this will be sent to your previous psychiatry provider. Ideally the records should be received by your provider prior to your appointment in order for your care to be transferred to CWC. If the records are not received, the provider will decide on a case by case basis whether care can be assumed.

Are there any costs for psychiatric services?

Please visit the Student Health Care Center website for details on charges and billing.

What if I will run out of medication before the appointment with my new psychiatry provider?

You need to call your current psychiatry providerand request a refill.

Will I be able to get medication for ADHD?

For those questioning the possibility that they may have ADHD but have not ever been tested, we recommend beginning with a triage appointment.  Often times, students who think they have concentration problems due to ADHD actually are experiencing underlying mood or anxiety issues. We evaluate the need for ADHD stimulant medication based on the evidence provided. We require several pieces of information prior to setting an appointment with a psychiatrist.  Comprehensive neuropsychological testing for ADHD will need to have been done within the past three years. We can assist with testing referrals if needed.  In addition, copies of ADHD medical records, compiled surveys from prior schools, and family member corroboration may also be required. Students seeking stimulant medication will need a recent physical exam and urine toxicology screen.  Patients on stimulants will be subject to random toxicology screens. Please be aware that this could be a time consuming process and there may be some costs incurred.  Furthermore, there may be instances where we will not be able to accommodate your case, but we will attempt to assist you in locating an appropriate community referral. The Disability Resource Center offers additional services for those with ADHD concerns.

What will happen at my first appointment?

You will meet with a psychiatry provider and review your history, current symptoms, substance use history, medical illnesses, and issues with school and relationships. If the provider believes you will benefit from treatment at the CWC, follow-up appointments will be set up. If your needs would be better met by a community provider, a referral will be made into the community.

Who provides psychiatry care at CWC?

We have psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and a nurse on staff.

Will my psychiatry provider know what I’m doing in therapy? Will my therapist know what I am working on with my psychiatry provider?

Yes, the psychiatry providers and therapists see each others’ notes in our records system, and in addition will consult with each other if needed. The CWC strives to integrate care by having psychiatry provider and therapists work together; for most psychiatric problems therapy and medication work better than medication alone.


Now Offering


Psychiatry services now utilizes the technology that analyses how your genetic makeup affects your response to medication. Consult with your psychiatric provider if you are interested in purchasing this optional service to optimize your medication therapy. Cost varies with income.


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