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If You Are Thinking of Suicide

Thinking of SuicideMany people have thought about suicide when the pain of living felt unbearable. Many people are ultimately able to dismiss this idea, deciding, “No, I will not kill myself.” For many of us, this whole experience does eventually become a source of life affirming resiliency.

Yet, anyone struggling with the question of suicide is facing a real danger. If this is you--if you are thinking about killing yourself now--you do not have to face this danger alone.

Thoughts of suicide often come with a narrowing tunnel vision. It becomes harder and harder to see any other way out. It becomes harder and harder to imagine that anything other than dying could possibly relieve the pain. But there is help available—human beings who will work to help you find a way to go on living. People do recover from this experience.

Even if you cannot see any hope — if you are thinking about suicide, we encourage you not to wait, but to reach out now. At the very least, before you take any steps toward ending your life, risk letting someone help you. Risk taking a chance to see beyond the tunnel--where it may be possible for you not only to survive but to learn how to live more meaningfully and vitally.

There are many resources available to UF students (and to others who may be reading this page). For UF students, the Counseling and Wellness Center (352-392-1575) has emergency appointments available during working business hours. The CWC also has an on-call telephone response available 24/7, 365 days per year. These and other non-emergency CWC services are available at no additional cost to UF students.

At the Alachua County Crisis Center (352-264-6789), a telephone counselor answers directly, 24-hours every day. The Crisis Center also has face-to-face counseling, for those who may prefer an off-campus resource. The Crisis Center is available for both students and non-students and is also free of charge.

Anywhere in the country, if you do not know local resources you can call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). This is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a network of certified crisis centers.

These are also resources available if you are seeking help for someone else. We have posted on our site a copy of the UF guide: The Danger of Suicide: Responding to Students in Distress. We encourage you to read this brief guide for more details and/or to call one of the above resources for a consultation.

The UF Employee Assistance Program has short term counseling available for UF employees and can also serve as a source of consultation for those concerned about the safety of a UF employee.

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