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Academic Concerns

Academics, Stress and Anxiety  |  Test Anxiety  |  Academic Confidence  |  Studying Effectively  |  Time Management and Procrastination  |  Communication with the Instructors

Academic Concerns

Studying at UF can present new and at times unexpected academic challenges. You may find yourself struggling with classes, having difficulty catching up with assignments, or getting the grades you want. It is common for students to lose their academic confidence as they perform below what they expected or what they used to achieve! In between trying to adjust to life on campus (pdf), demands and challenges of being a college or graduate student, social needs and pressures, and other life responsibilities, it is normal to have academic concerns.

Academics, Stress and Anxiety

When you struggle academically, your stress level would go up, making your academic performance suffer more. To break that cycle, practice stress management regularly. Biofeedback, our on-site stress management system, can help you to learn how to calm down and focus more effectively.

Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is a specific form of anxiety that can hinder your academic performance at UF in particular. Yet you do not need to live with test anxiety. Click here (pdf) for quick tips on managing test anxiety. Make sure to check out our online and on-site stress management resources.

Academic Confidence

Academic setbacks can discourage you. You may wonder if you are cut out for this, doubt your potential. Or you may be convinced that nothing would change no matter how hard you try. Learning to deal with setbacks is a skill that you can now as you are dealing with academic challenges. Take your current struggle as an opportunity to learn how to deal with setbacks, overcome pessimism, and building your self-confidence back.

Look into other resources to re-build your studying tool set. And get your instructors and TAs involved. See more below.   

Studying Effectively

Whether you are working towards your undergraduate or graduate degree, this next level of higher education may challenge your effectiveness. Old tricks may no longer be enough. It may be the time for you to brush up your studying skills and re-built your tool set to enhance your effectiveness as a student. GatorWell Wellness Coaching can help you learn how to manage time and study more effectively. Teaching Center and Reading and Writing Center also offer individualized solutions to help you become an effective student. 

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Get things done

Time Management and Procrastination

Managing your time effectively and getting things done in a timely manner can be part of the solution when you face academic concerns.

Procrastination affects many students. It is often about avoidance, perfectionism and feeling overwhelmed. Apply the following suggestions to get things done.

Read more about procrastination and time management (pdf). For one-to-one coaching on time management, contact GatorWell and schedule a meeting.

Communication with the Instructors

It can be challenging to approach your professor when you are struggling with their class and you have lost your confidence. Yet it is pivotal to make contact and get support from your instructors.

Learn how to approach a professor for help (pdf).

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